Aged care coordination

Complete support to find and access aged care.

Aged Care Coordination

Our purpose: ageing with dignity

We help individuals and families, understand their aged care choices, and we arrange access to high-quality, holistic care that is right for them. Our mission is to ensure elderly Australians achieve their best quality of life.

How we work

Your path to quality care

Whether you’re looking for care at home or in residential facilities we respond to your unique needs and support you at every step.

1. Getting to know you

We start with a conversation to understand your care needs, family, culture, lifestyle, location, timeline and budget.

2. Understanding care

We will explain the ‘My Aged Care’ system, how much you can expect to pay and how to access the best care options for you.

3. Comparing options

We qualify options in your customised report, organise facility tours and help you meet providers, so you can decide what feels right.

4. Ongoing support

We will support you with admission and Centrelink paperwork and check in once your care has commenced.

Make confident choices

Making big life decisions about aged care, alone or on behalf of loved ones, can feel overwhelming. We listen, we care, and we know how to help. My Care Path is your partner in care. We will coordinate everything for you, to access high quality aged care, based on your unique situation. All you have to do is contact us to make informed, confident choices.

Our guarantee

Your right to quality care

We designed our business to provide better access to quality aged care for all Australians. We guarantee to work within your means and offer assistance to all customers, whether self-funded retiree or full pensioner; from minimal support at home up to 24-hour care for high-dependency situations.

More than 900 trusted care providers: large, small, private and not-for-profit, help by covering the costs of our coordination service, allowing us to bring high quality care to our whole community, Australia-wide.

We have helped more than 6000 Australian families and are ready to help you.

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Our founders

Purpose and compassion

Dana Sawyer and Jayne Maini founded My Care Path, from a place of compassion and a strong sense of purpose. Both women had struggled alone to access care for their loved ones and felt there must be a better way.

Together they developed My Care Path, bringing relief to families seeking aged care. My Care Path provides a complete coordination service, informing, advising and supporting clients through this difficult time.

Together they lead a passionate team of experienced, independent aged care coordinators and placement consultants, serving customers nation-wide.

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Our team

Meet some of our key team members

You don't need to struggle on your own

Every case is unique. No matter your budget or needs, our team of aged care coordinators are ready to help you.

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My Care Path network of trusted providers

From home care to residential facilities, our trusted provider network is more than 900 strong and growing by the day.