Residential aged care

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Making big life decisions about aged care, alone or on behalf of loved ones, can be overwhelming. We listen, we care, and we know how to help. As your partner in care, My Care Path will support you at every step, to explain, compare, select, negotiate and access high quality aged care, based on your unique situation.

Residential aged care

Safety, security and peace of mind

When care at home is no longer sufficient, residential care can offer that bit more. Navigating the options can feel overwhelming but good choices for quality care are available to everyone. As well as accommodation, support within residential care can include:

24-hour care

On-site nursing & medical

Dementia care

Allied health services

Community living

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Social activities


Nutrition & good meals

Residential Aged Care
Residential Aged Care

'Ageing in place' offers care for all levels

In a residential aged care environment, having community close and help at hand can provide security and peace of mind for the whole family. Social interaction, friendly faces and activities contribute to a range of physical and emotional benefits.
People seek residential aged care for a range of reasons. We can help you determine what is right for you and secure a quality provider that meets your needs.

For those with chronic conditions or needing assistance to move around, the higher level of care available in residential settings can provide best quality of life.

By understanding your specific circumstances, we will help you tailor and assemble the right support around your loved one.

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How we work

We're with you every step, to arrange the right care for you

1. Get Started

Click ‘get started’, request a call back, or call us. We will begin with a conversation to understand your unique needs.

2. Shortlist

We qualify and shortlist your options together with you. We don’t pass your details to marketers – you stay in control.

3. Meet & Review

We’ll help you meet and review providers, so you’re informed and confident in your care decision.

4. Ongoing Support

We support you beyond just the placement. We’ll help with paperwork and check in after your care has commenced.

Dementia care

Security, comfort and understanding

More than fifty per cent of Australians in residential aged care are suffering dementia. More is being discovered about the condition and excellent support is available. Kindness and understanding is crucial. My Care Path aged care coordinators are experienced in dementia care and can guide you with compassion in your unique situation. We will work with you to secure a place to help your loved one feel secure and understood.

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Dementia Care
Respite Care
Respite care

Extra support for the time being

Respite care offers temporary care in a range of circumstances. It often acts as a transition following a hospital stay, or can provide a break for a carer who needs some time off or extra support. Our aged care coordinators can plan and manage the respite together with you or with your hospital or provider.

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Frequently asked questions

My Care Path’s business model was developed to ensure that even those with limited financial means can access support to navigate the complex aged care system. Through our tried and trusted network of care providers, we cover the cost of our services, which remain independent and committed to meeting your unique needs. We always seek feedback from our customers on each provider we work with, and our fees never impact your care allowance. In fact, the Aged Care Act prevents any provider from passing on a placement fee to a care recipient, or from increasing their fees to compensate for such a fee.

Seeking aged care for the first time, or indeed at any time, can be emotional and challenging for the whole family. We can offer additional support by bringing our experience, expertise and compassion to guide family meetings where everyone comes together to listen and understand all the options and choices. We can provide more detailed reports with fee estimators that compare up to three providers and a range of payment options associated with each; and we will work with any situation or circumstance where you may need additional support, such as specialised or customised care or if you wish to look at providers who are outside our care network and are not offered under our free placement service. Please get in touch with us to discuss your needs and we will be happy to support you in every way that we can.

My Care Path’s nationwide network of trusted providers is more than 900 strong and growing by the day. It includes large, small, private and not-for-profit providers, who help by covering the costs of our coordination service, allowing us to bring high quality care to our whole community, Australia-wide. Importantly, Australian laws prevent the providers from passing any costs associated with our placement fees back onto the care recipient. This allows us to offer our high-quality placement service 100% free of charge. Our network is constantly growing, and in some instances, it may be a customer’s unique situation that connects us to a new provider of quality care that is right for them.

My Aged Care is the government portal where you can apply for subsidised aged care. They will arrange an assessment and review your application. Our team at My Care Path is able to support you at any point through the journey to explain how the system works, the fees and help you make decisions about the right type of care for you.

Home care is when carers attend and assist a person in their own home, while residential care is live-in accommodation with care and amenities on-site. Typically, residential care is for people with higher care needs, or who are experiencing some form of isolation. The government supports both home care and residential aged care. As many Australians prefer to remain in their own homes, government funding for home care is increasing to support this preference. As care needs and other influencing factors change, so too may your care choices.

My Care Path is ready to help. If your need is urgent, please call us and we will get started right away. Depending on individual circumstances, we are able to place people into quality residential care within as little as 48 hours. Guiding you through the process, our experts will provide compassionate and reassuring support to you and your loved one.

Temporary access to residential care is also known as respite care. This type of care receives government subsidies and allows for carers and families to take a break from their caring duties. An aged care assessment is required to access respite residential aged care for up to 63 days per financial year.

A person can leave permanent care to transfer to another aged care facility or to go home if their situation allows. There are no deferred management fees or exit fees when leaving residential aged care. Typically, you will pay the fees for a 7–14 day notice period only.

Additionally, residents are not locked in. While doors are locked for safety reasons, residents are permitted to leave if they have the ability to do so and visitors can come and go freely.

The answer will depend on your individual circumstances. There is a lot of choice in facility types and there are a far greater number of private facilities than public ones. Private facilities include for-profit and not-for-profit organisations. My Care Path offers aged care coordination services for free to help you navigate, shortlist, select and access the right care to meet your unique needs, and can help you to make a confident and informed choice.

My Care Path aged care coordination service can guide you through the steps, and assist you to complete Centrelink forms and the residential aged care application form associated with the facility that you select. Our coordination service will guide your selection process step-by-step. Through our trusted provider network, we are able to offer our support to you 100% free of charge.

It can feel overwhelming but there are good choices to be made for every budget and circumstance, including quality choices for full pensioners. Some aspects of the sector are not intuitive, for example not-for-profit and private facilities are funded under the same model, so not-for-profit is not necessarily cheaper. The key is to understand your unique needs and your financial circumstances prior to shortlisting services that may be suitable to make an informed decision.

My Care Path offers a 100% free aged care coordination service, if you select a provider from within our trusted care network and can help empower you to make a confident choice for yourself or a loved one.

The Royal Commission has shed light on unscrupulous practices that have marred the sector. The best thing that you can do is get informed to make empowered choices. No two providers are the same. My Care Path’s aged care coordination service will help to identify, select and access a care option that meets your unique needs. We factor in not only care needs and budget requirements, but also family, cultural and lifestyle preferences to ensure the right fit and offer best quality of life. Aged care is always your choice and our compassionate and experienced aged care coordinators will help to guide you to a confident decision.

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