"Extremely helpful. Presented information in a clear to understand way. Answered questions readily and gave extra explanations when asked. Followed up initial concerns with the facility on our behalf."
Jacki, NSW
March 2020
“I have been raving about your service to everyone including my barista I’m beside myself with gratefulness. Margot Sawyer was beyond patient , kind, understanding. I was so highly stressed and she did so much more than a family member would do. I just feel very very grateful and indebted and I cannot stress how grateful I am. I actually cried saying goodbye!”
March 2020
“Saved us a lot of time and angst in getting what needed to happen in an area that we are completely unfamiliar with.”
February 2020
“I came to the meeting feeling a little confused about the whole process, and left feeling clear about the direction forward for my father. My spirits were lifted a bit as a result of the meeting.”
Peter, VIC
February 2020
"It's a painful, complicated and pretty awful process, so to have someone guide us through was amazing. Margot was (is!) a godsend."
Catherine, NSW
January 2020
"Jayne was supportive and knowledgeable and allowed us to make our own decisions. She was also flexible in facilitating alternative choice in our decision making. Mum is happy and settling in well. Good outcome. Thank you and much appreciated."
Michelle, VIC​
December 2019
"Always an excellent caring respose and result. Service is great."
David, VIC​
December 2019
"My Care Path are excellent at providing industry specific and independent advice to navigate an unknown environment. Definitely a service worth using because people are time poor and need quality and independent information from a professional who is expert in the subject matter."
Vicki, VIC
October 2019
"Margot Sawyer was very professional, knowledgeable, available, friendly and practical."
September 2019
"I had heard that the process for finding aged care was incredibly difficult but I found that My Care Path's handling of everything took most of the stress off our shoulders."
August 2019
"Jayne was professional but also very approachable and thoughtful. It is a very difficult time and we just found her very supportive. We also found her guidance reassuring and realistic."
August 2019
"The service provided us with the knowledge of where to begin in searching for available places for Mum. The whole financial side of the aged care system was explained to us in simplified terms and My Care Path liaised with our financial adviser on this. They also liaised with Eastern Health where Mum was prior to moving into aged care.  Within 3 days of our initial meeting, Dana had organised tours of 4 local facilities and accompanied us to each. She also explained and assisted with the paperwork required to finalise the placement.  The service provided was very helpful in finding the best place in what would generally be quite a stressful time anyway."
Heather, VIC
July 2019
"It's a good service for any family member or legal guardian confronted with making decisions in the time frame put upon a patient needing to be moved to a nursing home. Your agent's professional knowledge & understanding of what is both affordable & desirable is a great help."
Vivienne, NSW
June 2019
"The whole process of finding aged care is very daunting, the advice and guidance we received took the pressure off my sister and I while trying to deal with Mum's health issues. Jayne was extremely helpful and able to help get Mum into respite at very short notice and then go on to find a lovely facility where Mum and Dad could be together."
May 2019
"Jenny Bell and Sue McQuade were fantastic, very professional and friendly. I was not involved with the start of the process from South Australia but have been advised that brother Graeme and co were also very impressed with Jenny even though it was all done via phone."
April 2019
"The situation with my parents happened very quickly and as a family we had not prepared for this. Jenny was fantastic and without her support and quick response we would have not got through this process."
April 2019
"I feel that the system is so complex that virtually no elderly person should attempt to move into aged care without the assistance of someone who has knowledge and expertise in the field. Margot was not only very knowledgeable about the processes and pitfalls, but was also very empathetic and caring in all her dealings with both me and my father."
Phil, NSW
February 2019
"Efficient, placement obtained extremely quickly"
January 2019
"Your consultant Jayne Maini was fantastic"
Tom, VIC
January 2019
"My Care Path were referred to the family by our mother's financial advisers who were assisting with financial arrangements in the lead up to her move into aged care. Not having prior experience with the aged care space, it was great to meet Dana at My Care Path who was extremely helpful both in breaking it all down as well as helping us find just the right type of care accommodation that would suit mum."
January 2019
"Our consultant, Margot Sawyer, was exceptional. She was efficient, helpful in helping to negotiate the complications of age care finance/ funding/ Centrelink. As my parents needed accommodation as a matter of urgency and they preferred to be kept together,  Margot found a place for them very quickly in the same facility. It took a lot of the stress off us."
December 2018
"Great service, prompt"
November 2018
"The professionalism, respect and level of care in which everything was dealt with gave confidence in making such an important decision. This is something that would be extremely difficult for most of us and to have a company such as yours (supporting) relieves the anxieties and provides a level of comfort that perhaps would not exist if faced with this on your own."
Jen, VIC
October 2018
"The aged care process is a nightmare and having Margot help us through the process was invaluable. Her knowledge, communication with us and professionalism were exceptional. I know we wouldn’t have achieved the excellent outcome without her. Without her knowledge we wouldn’t have been aware of the existence of Pathways Cronulla Pines."
David, NSW
October 2018
"The Age Care sector is difficult to navigate for the uninitiated and utilizing the assistance of your service put us all at ease.  Working with Dana was comforting at a difficult time."
Elizabeth, VIC
September 2018
"I believe the Aged Care system is complex and difficult to negotiate, especially at a stressful and time-critical occasion such as we were faced with. Having a knowledgeable, committed and compassionate person to help negotiate the system was invaluable."
September 2018
"We were pleased with the professional, prompt, friendly service Dana provided, and her kind follow up's regarding issues we may have been experiencing, always asking if she could assist in any way."
Gail, VIC
September 2018
"Very professional, competent and knowledgeable service."
June 2018
"Prompt, efficient, caring, informative and empathetic support."
June 2018
"Very helpful, professional and compassionate."
June 2018
"The system is quite complex as well as forms etc. It was most helpful to have a person to explain the system, help with the forms and negotiate with the facility. It is a stressful and confusing time when one has to find care for a loved one."
William, NSW
May 2018
"You know your stuff and make it easy for us."
May 2018
"Prompt and courteous. Made it sound simpler, explained well."
Phil, VIC
May 2018
"I cannot speak of Noreen highly enough: She was consistently polite, responsive and generous with her time.  She made a difficult time for me and my family less stressful and more manageable"
April 2018
"The time spent with Margot was an absolute pleasure.  She made difficult things seem easy and nothing was too much trouble.  I will be telling everyone about her".
Diana, NSW
February 2018
"I didn't have the knowledge or time to work through aged care options including the forms and finance.  Margot explained everything clearly and made everything simple for us. It was a very emotional time and having a guiding hand was wonderful."
January 2018
"Efficient and professional service.  The consultant showed true commitment and understanding. She kept us up to date at all times and went out of her way to get us the best possible outcome.  She was amazing."
January 2018
"Jenny our consultant was very understanding and thorough. We were in a difficult situation and we were able to get Mum placed in a lovely facility very quickly. She was able to streamline the process by dealing with paperwork and arranging appointments which was a great help to us."
November 2017
"Jayne Maini was excellent to liaise with and her advice, guidance, assistance, care and diligence was outstanding for my two sisters and me".
Noel, VIC
October 2017
"Jenny Bell was exceptional and very caring.  She was patient and showed empathy."
Judy, WA
September 2017
"We felt very comfortable discussing our situation with Jayne and also that she understood our issues and provided us with the answers and in a manner that we could understand."
September 2017
"Very professional and efficient service that simplified quite a complicated process. Very good result in regards to quick placement too."
Clive, WA
August 2017
My Care Path is the equivalent of having a guardian angel guiding you through the incredibly difficult and confusing maze of finding and selecting the very best care facility, that will suit your loved one's special needs and requirements. I don’t believe it would be possible to improve upon the truly excellent service consistently delivered by the kind, caring and professional Jayne Maini."
Maree, VIC
August 2017
"Margot was very professional. She had a very good understanding of my mother’s needs. She was very kind and talked to mum respectfully. I was very impressed in her knowledge of the process. She made this whole process very easy for me and my family.  I cannot think of any way you could improve your service. We had a smooth journey in the little time it took Margot to find mum a place to live. It was a positive experience from beginning to end."
Jane, NSW
August 2017
"Jayne took all the leg work away which I didn't have time to do. She provided me with a shortlist of properties which met my criteria and reduced the time spent to a minimum, whilst achieving a positive outcome for all. I couldn't have asked for better."
Julie, VIC
August 2017
"Gaynor was a great communicator, very friendly and knowledgeable. She listened to what we needed and wanted and always followed up effectively. We couldn't have asked for better."
Ingrid, QLD
August 2017
"Dad has settled in really well.  The staff are all so lovely & he is the happiest we've seen him for ages. We can't thank you enough for recommending such a great place. It's so comforting to know he's so well looked after & so content."
Sue, NSW
August 2017
"We would all like to thank you for finding the placement for Mum and Dad and let you know how appreciative we are of how easy you have made what appeared to us as an almost impossible task at the time given our requirements and Mum & Dad’s financial situation. We are all grateful that Teachers Mutual Bank have provided this service and that we were fortunate to have you assisting us in what is a very difficult process."
Maureen, NSW
July 2017
"I am thankful and grateful to you for all your help. Thank you for your prompt action and quick turnaround. The family is very impressed with your service and the home you found for my Mother-In-Law. This has been a challenging time and what you have done for us saves relationships - not just me, but the whole family. I will definitely recommend you to anyone who needed placement services."  
Joey, NSW
July 2017
"I appreciated the efforts Noreen made to get to know and reassure my parents. Once they felt they could trust Noreen the process was much more comfortable for them."
Allison, WA
July 2017
"Gaynor is kind and helpful and put up with my stress and worries in a competent manner".
July 2017

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